Sing. Just Sing.

I’ve come to realize how important singing is in my christian faith. It’s part of who I am. No matter what song or what time, singing always brings me joy. I sing in my youth group choir and I enjoy the feeling so much of when all of our youth voices rise up in the air. In church today, when we had no electricity, we only had our voices and the piano to make music with. It was a powerful moment when we got to the chorus and the sound vibrated throughout the church. I know that some religions dispute over whether to have instruments or not, but I’ve noticed that that they never argue about singing. It’s part of every culture. Mothers sing lullabies to their children and almost every single movie has at least one song in it. God made singing something that everyone can enjoy. He made singing a thing where people can join together and feel a connection with strangers. When I’m praising God with others, I feel the love of a common god bringing us together in love. I can feel that. Even when I’m singing by myself, I feel joy. I love to sing. It’s one of God’s greatest creations.


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