My Sunburn of Sin

I’ve never seen a lobster before so I looked one up to see just how red it is. After looking through lots of pictures, I have decided that lobsters, neither cooked or alive, are as red as I am right now. I went to the pool today and unfortunately, my back was not very well protected. After three hours in the pool and two hours laying in the sun, my back is burnt to a crisp. Now, I’ve had bad burns before, but this one scares me. The first thing is, it doesn’t hurt. Usually, my burns have started to burn or severely itch by now. Nothing. The second thing is, my dad just got rid of a cancerous mole that could have lead to deadly skin cancer. Now he has to be very careful when he goes into the sun and try to avoid too much of it too. The reason that really scares me is because the way I tan is how he tans. We don’t. Our skin most likely will burn, slightly tan, and then turn back to pale in a week. I’m afraid that I could have just put myself in a dangerous situation. I am pretty nervous.

How many times do I do that with God though? I’ve done quite a few things that I didn’t think before I leaped. If I realized what I had done right after that, I usually asked for forgiveness right then and there. One thing I did I was afraid that God wouldn’t forgive me. It was a big no-no, but it just slipped out. But that doesn’t always cut it. I corrected myself and asked for forgiveness, but I still worried about it for weeks. I still do. Did He really forgive me? Is that sin waiting to appear later in life to hurt and possibly destroy me? How can I ease this fear?


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