I was watching the Olympic tryouts today and noticed that quite a few of the athletes were basing their success on God. I have a deep appreciation for people who do that. It doesn’t happen too much these days, but whenever someone does profess their faith in God, success usually follows. Watching the athletes, it reminded me of another time I saw God give someone success, but also compassion. It was on the cooking channel show Chopped. The man mentioned God every three words. He seemed like a good Christian and was very devoted to God and His glory. In the end, he won. But his competitor was a woman that had been competing for the ten thousand dollar prize so she could go visit her ailing mother in her home country across the ocean. The Christian man gave her the money. It showed the power of a good Christian.

A good Christian. The news doesn’t always display us at our best. Often times the only stories that non-Christians hear are the stories of crazy pastors wanting to do crazy things. You hear about the misled Christians that devote their killings to God’s wrath. Am I like that? No. Most Christians I know aren’t like that. So why is it that the news only shows the bad side of Christianity? Why do they only show the misled ones? Because no one wants to read an article about a fifteen year old girl who started a blog to talk about her Christian faith. The newspaper just wouldn’t sell. It doesn’t matter that she might be changing lives or even changing her own life. It doesn’t matter that it’s bringing her closer to God. What matters is that it doesn’t make money.

It’s the same with most religions. I have a Muslim friend who said the same thing. She’s the sweetest person, but sometimes gets a bad rap because of the terrorist stories that come back. She told me that most of her community aren’t terrorists. I’m sure the other religions say the same things. It’s only the extremists that make the news.

But those athletes, they were using their position to spread God’s word. This past year, my leadership group did a whole study on placing ourselves in a position where God can use us. We did more of the spiritual side and I never thought of the physical and worldly side. I can do that. The choices of what I do in life affect how well I can spread God’s word just as much as meditation, prayer, and study. I think maybe the spiritual preparation is to put us in a place where God can work on the inside, and the physical preparation is to put us in a place where God can work on the world through us. Nothing bad will happen to us when we are following God on the straight and narrow and striving to be Christ-like. He will give us success and when we give it back to Him, we could save the world.


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