The gift of dancing

My dance career for the year is finally over! It ended with my favorite dance and then I was riding home with two new Halloween costumes. That’s how they always end up. So, a summary on the two dances that I danced in. The first one on Friday was my ballet. This year I was new and therefore placed in a class way to easy for my seven years of ballet. It was a beginners class. So yeah. I did not enjoy that class. The dance was … embarrassing because it was so easy. They had to force me to smile. But, it helped me get into more muscular shape. Saturday night, tonight, was my jazz dance. I love, love, love, love, love my jazz class! The dance was to the song Ramalama Bang Bang and we were acting like a broken Barbie after Ken left us for another doll. It was soooo much fun! Parts of it were … interesting, but the dance was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.

But . . . there’s something that’s missing. Two of the dances that I got to see were to Christian music. It reminded me of how I felt when I danced to Christian music that praised God. I felt like I was dancing for God and using my gift for Him. Sure, I’m using my dancing gift when I dance in these performances like yesterday and tonight, but when I really give it all out with the purpose of glorifying God, it’s totally different.

It’s almost bad that I don’t always use my gift to solely glorify God. It’s hearing someone’s advice and then going out and doing the total opposite. It’s like doing drugs and such after your parents made sacrifice after sacrifice to raise you right. It’s just wrong. That’s not exactly how I feel, but sort of close.

But wait. I am doing this dance for God. One of the main reasons I do it is to stay in shape. Our body is our temple and by dancing, I’m keeping it strong and healthy. And I’m also socializing. That can build up skills that might be helpful to fulfill His plan in the future. So I guess it’s good too.

Can it be a good/bad situation? It’s like a millionaire spending a hundred thousand dollars on a brand new car, and then giving fifty dollars to charity. Yeah, they’re doing a good thing, but they could be doing more.

Whichever the case, I’ll find out more about it soon. This year, I’ll try to focus on God while I dance and use my dance for His purpose. We do have a couple events at my church that I could dance in. Maybe that will help. Dance sure was fun this year. I’m glad He gave me a gift I enjoy. It’s a nice blessing.


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