Listen to the Cricket

No, I’m not talking about Jimmy Cricket or the crickets that play the fiddles and dance around. I’m talking about a story my pastor told me a few weeks ago in church. It goes like this.

One day, two young friends were walking through the streets of New York. The hustle and bustle around them rose in a loud clamor of sound. When they got to Times Square, the noise became almost too loud for them to hear each other talk. All of a sudden, the first friend asked, “Do you hear that?”. The other listened, but was unable to make out a specific sound amongst the blend of Times Square. He looked back at his friend and shook his head. “Don’t you hear the cricket?” the first friend asked. The second friend was astonished! How could his friend hear a cricket above the noise of beeping horns, people yelling, whistles and everything else? The first friend went over to the bushes and sure enough, there was a tiny cricket. The second friend asked, “How did you hear that tiny cricket?”. His friend told him that humans were tuned in to certain sounds. To prove his point, he took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them on the sidewalk. Everyone in a ten foot radius turned their head to see where the money had dropped.

This story demonstrates how us humans, myself included, often only listen for our worldly desires, like money for example. God’s voice is like the cricket, not always apparent unless we make it a focus to find Him amongst the busyness of our lives.

Some ways that I can find Him is to write a memory verse on my hand. Or, after hearing this story, just writing the word “cricket”. Blogging and journaling help me connect with Him. There are many ways that I can tune into God. Do I always do them? No, not always. But I do try. I’m also trying to listen to the cricket and discover something new or something I missed beforehand.


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