Happy Father’s Day!

I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there and also to all of those men out there that have been fathers to children that weren’t their own. So many kids need a father figure to be an image of God our Holy Father up in Heaven. I thank you so much for everything you’ve ever done to help us kids. We really do appreciate you.

Some things about my dad. He’s very adventurous and outdoors-ey. He was a boyscout, a boyscout leader, a military brat, a father of three girls, a marketer for renewable energy, a Sunday School teacher, and a know-it-all of every fact you can imagine, both useful and not. He knows just about everything and what he doesn’t know, he knows someone or something that does. He’s a great teacher and mentor, always full of stories, and almost never out of energy.

He has a life time of stories that my sisters and I love to listen to. One story I always enjoyed was one when he was young. On the way to school, he had to walk down a huge hill. Well, what do kids do when you give them a huge hill? They roll down it. So everyday he and his friends would roll down the hill. They would get so filthy that his mom, my grandma, would have to come and bring him new sets of clothing. Everyday. He’s always full of life lessons too. Like once he and his friend thought it would be fun to draw beards and mustaches on themselves. With permanent marker. They couldn’t get it off so they had to go to school next day and present a presentation with them on. It must have been highly embarrassing at the time, but when he told it, he laughed along with us.

My dad’s just awesome. I love him a lot and my life would be very empty without him. To those who have lost fathers or are not able to be with their fathers on this Father’s Day, know that they were a gift from God and most likely they loved you very much. So I salute you dads, and I wish you a long life with many blessings.


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