The Salsa in My Life

When we got home from a ceremony for my graduating sister, I got a crave for eggs. Everyone get craves. Mine came about 9:00pm after looking through a cooking magazine. So, I cooked one of my infamous Texas Sunrises. It’s a piece of toast with melted American cheese on top, the easy-over egg next, and then a generous portion of salsa on top. As I was creating my masterpiece, I decided I would try it with the salsa heated up, instead of cold. I got a bowl from the cabinet and the salsa from the fridge and then put them in the microwave. A few seconds later and a few things happened. The toaster popped to signal it was done, the egg sizzled very loudly, the microwave beeped to signal it was done, and I heard a strange pop. I dismissed the sound thinking it was the microwave. Never really gave it much thought. But as I picked up the bowl from inside the microwave, my hand came out with only the top of the bowl. The base and top had separated! It had broken in a mostly clean line all the way around. I was surprised! Having broken or seen other people break glass, I knew I couldn’t eat the salsa. It was a good Texas Sunrise though.

But the breaking of the glass. It was so unexpected! It got me thinking of how it’s kind of like our relationship with God. We can think it’s going fine and put other things from our life in it, not knowing that it might be harming our relationship. The salsa in my bowl could represent everything that’s blocking me from God. My plans, habits, boys, snacks, and many other things. I may not think that they’ll hurt, or I may trick myself into thinking that I can handle them, but really, they’re the things that will break up my personnel relationship with God.

Another thing about it is that those things will break up my relationship when I least expect it. When I’m under the most pressure or have walked slightly away from God they’ll take action and shatter the most precious thing I can have. now, I didn’t buy the bowl, but someone worked to get that bowl. In the same way, I work to grow in my relationship with God. All that work and perseverance is lost as soon as I bring other things into my life.

This is a big lesson right now for me. I just finished my freshman year of High School and I’m ready for summer! But am I? I’m easily bored which is why I enjoy school so much. During the summer, I don’t do much besides eat and sleep. Literally. I need to find a passion or hobby that will get me through the summer and might help me on my Path to Christ. Maybe it’s sewing. Or working out. Or writing. I don’t know, but I need to find something. I need to find something that will keep me focused on God and keep all of the salsa out of my life.

I hope that I can keep the bowl from breaking. I know God can. So, if I trust in Him, He will hold us together. He’s the sticky stuff that holds the whole world together. He can also clean out my bowl. Whenever I try to put something in it, whether salsa, ice cream, or anything else, He can remove it and fill it up with His love. And that’s how it should be.


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