Moving On

Wow, only one day left of freshman year. It’s gone by so fast. I wish it wasn’t going to end. I’ve made so many good friends, so many of whom are moving away. The nearest a friend is moving is Seattle, Washington. The farthest is India. That’s like the opposite side of the world. Well, thank goodness for facebook. I’ll hopefully be able to see them again.

Even though I’m sad that freshman year is over, I can’t wait to be a sophomore. My older sister, who’s graduating, will be a freshman next year. Score! It slightly irks her whenever I mention it. I can’t wait! Also next year, I think our youth group is going to explode and it’s going to be an even bigger blast than this past year. After such an amazing and (hopefully) powerful summer, I think I’ll be confident in who I am and closer to God in our relationship. Hopefully I’ll stabilize it so it doesn’t waver as it does now.

There’s so many topics that I want to talk about right now, but I’ll touch on them later. I might even have an interesting story after tomorrow. We’ll see. Tomorrow’s going to be an exciting day for sure and I can’t wait. Well, the sooner I get to bed, the sooner I wake up, so goodnight!


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