I believe that nothing is coincidental. Nothing. I believe that stuff that seems like a coincidence is really God’s hand in our world. For example, I’ve decided that I want to go to a Centrifuge Camp over summer. The week that it’s scheduled is one of the only weeks that I had free. Coincidence? I think it is God’s hand.

It’s not just good coincidences either. I’m starting to choose my dance classes for next year and the class that I wanted to do for ballet is not available for me. There are some other options, but none of them sound good. Is this God’s way of saying that there’s something else that I haven’t tried, that I could reach more people with? I don’t know, but I can’t let not getting the class disappoint me, it’s just part of God’s plan.

I guess it makes life more optimistic. You can see the silver lining of everything and also not worry about the outcome. God also seems closer and more personal. I mean, He’s changing things in my life. How more personal can you get? I think it will help my relationship with Him to keep this mind set. I would recommend others try it too.

How else is God working in my life? It’s kind of interesting, but even though everything that happens is God’s hand, sometimes it’s still hard to recognize His works. Recently, I was given a sewing bust randomly by my eye-doctor’s sister. Is that a sign to get more into my sewing? I’m defiantly going to make some stuff during the summer. Maybe that was a gift to help me along. It certainly was needed! Every blessing is from God. I have so many of those, but don’t worry, I won’t list them all.

I think God has a big plan for me, but I don’t know the full contents. I’ve never really thought outside of my life to what I could do to spread His word. I think He’s taking me out over the summer. New and cool things are going to happen, and I can’t wait!!!


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