So much time and so little to see. Wait, switch that.

Today was the last day of our Sunday Night Youth Group. I’ll still be able to see a lot of the kids, but since we have two different Sunday Schools on Sunday morning, I won’t be able to see them all. I’m sure to see them on our mission trips or at camp. Or just in passing in church. It’s still not the same though.

To end our great year, we had a water balloon toss-over. Our leader, Kris, split us into four groups, two guy groups verses two girl groups. He then gave us picnic blankets and water balloons. All we had to do was launch the water balloons over the volleyball net at the other team. And, of course, the girls won.

Over the summer, I’m going to be going on one of the two mission trips that my Youth Group provides. I’ll be going on the South-West Virginia one and the other one is to Guatemala for the second(?) time. Hopefully when I get to be a junior, I can go on that one too.

I can’t wait for the mission trip though. I can’t wait to get there, get dirty, and help people. Even though we’re staying in the mansion-ish house that the church there built for incoming youth groups, I’m still going to sleep on the floor at least once. What’s the fun without sleeping on the floor?

There’s also a Centrifudge camp somewhere that the majority of my youth group is going to. I didn’t sign up. I don’t really know why. I can’t think of any good reason. I mean, all of the stories I’ve heard have been life changing, joyful, and plain fun stories. So what’s my mental block? I don’t know, but I think that I’m going to sign up and go. I’m actually really excited now!

So yeah. That’s my missio dei plans for the summer. Besides the mission trips, camp, working another camp, painting my room, sending my older sister off to college, babysitting every other day, and another million things, I think this summer is going to be pretty relaxing. At least I’m not moving again!


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