Unreturned Text

Sometimes I feel like God isn’t talking to me. Like all of a sudden, I’m alone. But I know He’s there. I just can’t feel Him. I’ve heard that He’s always there, like a radio signal and we just have to tune in to hear Him. Is it really that easy though? Can I just turn the dial and boom, there’s a message from the LORD?

That’s how I feel tonight. I haven’t been with Him or tuned in to Him most of the day. Maybe that’s why. I feel ashamed because He is the purpose of my life, my lover, my Father. He’s texting me and I’m not returning His texts. Why do I do this? I need to get into the practice of having my entire day being a prayer and offering to Him.

I’ll try to spend some time with Him tonight. I have a friend over, but He deserves my time. Out of 24 hours, can’t I take at least 15 minutes out for Him? He is my creator, and the best I can give Him is 15 minutes? Someone in the Bible, I’m not sure who, said that their whole life was a prayer to God. Every single moment was a praise to Him. That seems amazing. A huge feat to accomplish. But I know that I can do it with God’s help. Maybe through service I can do it.

Sometimes I’m better at being a living offering for my LORD God Almighty. Some days, not so much. Through prayer and meditation though, I know that He will help me stay on the path to Christ and grow closer to Him.



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