A second 2nd chance

Sometimes I’m amazed at how many people God uses to relate His message to me. Almost everyday someone says something and unknowingly answers one of my questions. Every time that happens, I want to interrupt them and say, “God just spoke through you. Thank you for being His messenger and helping me out.” I don’t because first of all, I was taught not to interrupt people when their talking, and secondly, they might be like, “… okay …”. I wonder if I do that. I wish I do, but I never know. You can always tell me if I do.

The reason I’m posting about this is because it happened today. And it relates back to yesterday’s post unfairness, work overload, stress. I was waiting for my dad to pick me up (he was 20 minutes late) and one of the counselors was waiting with me. We were talking and she mentioned how some days she just hated the camp and never wanted to come back, but she continued to work at the camp because she loved it so much. It sounded just like what I felt. I think. When I moved up here, I knew that I wanted to work at a summer camp; I had worked in one before I moved and it was the thing I looked forward to every summer. The camp up here did not come close to my old camp. I didn’t like it at all. There were some days that were okay, but for the most part, I only came for the money.

But what she said struck me. In that moment I wondered, Is this God talking to me? I think it was. Last night I had decided that next year, I wouldn’t work at the camp. The second chance I had given it didn’t work out. But maybe God wants me to give it a second 2nd chance. Do it all summer and if at the very, very end, I still hate it, maybe I won’t do it. But at least give it another chance.

After that I thought I was done. Okay God! Thanks for the message! Nope. Another thought popped into my head. How can I apply this to my life? Who or what else do I need to give a second chance to? Or a second 2nd chance? With most people, I give them quite a few chances before I decide that I don’t like them. With my friends, even more. So, what else can I apply the lesson to? Well, the next thought was a the guy in my class that I like. I’m not sure if God put the idea in my head, or the devil. Mr. F (as I’ll call him) isn’t Christian so I had tried to give him up and move on. Harder than I thought. I’ve been told by numerous people that he likes me. But I was still cautious. Should I give him another chance and see what happens. I’m not sure I want to because he’s not Christian, but I’m still good friends with him. So maybe that’s where the second chance will go. But I’m still not sure.

What about something that I tried and I liked and it was good for me, but I got too lazy to continue it? I’m talking about my snack fast. During Lent, I didn’t eat snacks except for fruit. I felt wonderful during those times and really close to God too. But I stopped. Why? Because I let temptation rule my life. So there’s one place that I can defiantly give a second chance.

Let’s see. Anywhere else? I’ve never been really strong in reading my Bible, but I could give that a second chance too, because whenever I do read it, I always get good insights, ideas, and guidance from God. Some of my ideas I could give a second life to too. I’m not the best follow-through person so sometimes my ideas fall flat. A lot of my ideas could be benefitial though, so I could try those again too.

I think that’s most of the things that I could give a second chance to. There are a ton of things in my life I could give a first chance to though. I won’t write them all out or else you’d be up for hours reading them. I guess this tells me to have more patience and use the old instead of the new. I think I will give that camp another chance. I’ll go at it with an open mind and if God wants me to be there, I’ll be there.


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