Right after we had finished dissecting our 12-inch long worms, my science teacher announced that we would be starting FLE (family life education). Coed. At first I was like, “Great, just great.” My friends and I traded sideways glances that obviously translated as “get me out of here”. But then I started thinking. God created everything inside of us, and everyone knows about our parts inside of us, so why am I embarrassed when we talk about them? It’s like talking about our skeletal system or nerve system. It’s just another part of my body.

In Genesis, God says that a man and a woman come together and become one flesh. This relationship is physical and I believe mental as well. Just as when we become closer to God and know Him more, we begin to know His will, I believe that as we become closer to our natural other half, we begin to become alike.

That didn’t really have anything to do with the original topic, but it was just some background info. What a lot of us female teenagers try to do is protect the obvious. Is that because it’s something special for our gender or embarrassing? Or because it has often been abused and some male teenagers don’t seem mature enough to understand this knowledge and treat it properly?

I’m not sure which of these reasons are why we try to hide the obvious and dread FLE. Now that I realize that I do it, I can be more prepared to figure out a way to look at it in a new light; a good light. There are many other things that I feel the same way about and now are on the lookout for. God made it all for a purpose and we should not be ashamed or embarrassed for it’s purpose. So I won’t be. Being embarrassed or ashamed of something is subjecting yourself to someone who takes that weakness and uses it. I won’t let anyone ever use me because I think one of God’s creations is not right. God is always right. And everything He has made is good.


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