I love to accomplish things. When I reach a goal, I get this huge satisfied feeling inside. I think most humans do. Today, with the help of these last babysitting hours, I finally reached a financial goal where I can give a personnel amount to the church. I had promised God that when I reached a certain amount, I would give a certain amount. I’m finally there! The feeling that I can do something right is just amazing.

A few days ago, I was feeling bored and down, so I created a list of what I wanted to do and be when I grow up. And this isn’t the “I want to be a [insert job occupation]” type thing, but also how I wanted to be physically, mentally, characteristically, and spiritually. By doing this, I was able to see who I wanted to be; and also who I am not right now. I know this is kind of like planning my own future, but it was a plan with God involved. Leading the charge, actually. I really want to grow in Him and tell others about Him too.

I didn’t used to be evangelistic. I used to be scared to death of sharing my faith with others; I actually used to shied away when the topic came up in conversation. Not anymore. I’ve discovered how blessed I am to have Gods love and the joy of spreading it. I can feel His nudge to go out and tell others. That’s why when I heard of one of the girls at my church creating a blog, God nudged me to jump on the idea. And I did. I feel like I’m doing some good when people are impacted by my blog, or just happen to read a few words of what I’m saying.

Whenever I reach a goal, I can see the growth and hope that’s kindling in my soul. Just like the oak sapling I have growing in my room; when it reaches seven inches, I’ll be able to tell that’s it’s grown from the three inches when I found it. I can tell that as my goals get bigger, God is working in my life more and more.


2 thoughts on “Nudged

    • Abby R says:

      I’m amazed everyday by the growth and guidance that He blesses me with. I’m glad that I’ve been an instrument in His hands with this blog.

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