Going on a Bear Hunt

Sometimes, I have these great ideas. God plants them in my head and I just go with them. He gave me three ideas a couple weeks ago. They were ideas for my youth group and Leadership Group. I thought through the details and then presented it to my group. We were excited about it, but were cautioned by my group leader to find the purpose of the idea. After that, I began to wonder, are my ideas stupid? Like going on a bear hunt with just a knife and pack of food? It might get me to the bear, but will the idea survive? Now, I get that a lot of my ideas aren’t the brigthest (just look at some of my posts), but how should I be focusing my ideas? Aren’t new and random ideas good? Well, not always.

So, what is the purpose of one of my ideas, a camping trip for my Leadership Group? Well, one reason is so we have some more fellowship before my group leader leaves, and also to put into practice meditation; which we have been studying in our group. The nature and outdoors sometimes bring peace to our soul. I know, how poetic, but it’s true.  A camping trip is another way for us to really get to know each other a little bit better. How are we outside? Are we sissies and scream at every little bug? Are we refreshened by the outdoors? It’s one of the purposes of going.

The next step is to plan the trip. I’m in that process now. I’ve got to get a budget and food and a camping site and all of these other things, but I don’t mind because I am so energized about the idea.

Some of my bear hunts aren’t deeply thought out and turn out disastrous, but I know with the proper planing, it can turn out great!! I think if I took a moment every time God placed an idea in my head, I could work more efficiently. So, does anyone have a good campsite in the Maryland/Northern Virginia area?



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