5 Minute Story

In class when I was bored, I created a five minute story with an illustration. I took five minutes and wrote a silly story about a purple elephant, a sloth, and a hot air balloon. In the end, a tiger ate the two animals and sailed away in the balloon. Yeah, I know, bad ending. But what if that were my story. What if I were in an accident and I had five minutes to tell someone about my life, who I was, how I got where I was. Could I do it? Would the image that others see in me be the real me? What would I say?

I’ve written a testimony before, but I don’t think this is the same thing. In these five minutes, I’m pouring out my soul. In a testimony, I’m pouring out some of my soul, but mostly my life. It might be the same difference. I don’t know. But I think I’ll try it. I’ll write a five minute story of my life. It might show the things that are most important in my life. Might just be whatever comes to my head first. We’ll see.

Here I go:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Abby. She had the best life. Everyday was carefree and she was content and happy. She grew up surrounded by her family, friends, books, and toys. She and her family were blessed. One day, her dad lost his job. She feared the worst, but nothing in her life changed; it went on as normal. One year later she received the news, they were moving. Her whole life crashed upside down and she started to drown as if under a relentless wave in the ocean. She cried through goodbyes to friends and cried as she went through her new life alone. One day, she broke down and cried up to God. He came down and rescued her. She then got up onto her feet and slowly step by step began her new journey towards heaven. No one besides her closest friend knew of the complete works of her journey. Not even her family. Often, she felt alone because no one knew what she was thinking or what she was feeling. She’s still growing, and she’s not afraid to die.  She’s put all of her faith in God and can’t wait to go up to heaven. She feels complete because the void that was inside of her has been filled up with God’s love and joy and peace. She knows the purpose of her life; to worship her LORD and serve others.

Well, that’s my story. It’s not dramatic or heart wrenching or scary. Just a plain girl walking along the path of life. So now that I know my story, how can I illustrate it in my life?


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