King of the Rock

Today in one of the science classes,, the kids were required to dissect worms. In another class, frogs. I’ve seen a pig dissected before and it did not bother me, but what turned me off from dissecting was watching a live frog being dissected.So helpless and afraid, I couldn’t hardly watch. Some people think that it’s okay for the progression of science, but other people think of it as animal cruelty. I believe that it is animal cruelty, or something very near. But what does God think of it? As creator of these animals, is He repulsed by what we do with them? When He created humans, we were to take care of the world and rule over over the animals. Well, we’ve ruined the world and I’m not so sure how fairly we’re ruling over the animals. I mean, how many animals are extinct because of us? Lots. How does God want us to rule the world? More on this tomorrow.



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