He loves me

How small am I,

Compared to the great Creator?

How worthless am I,

Compared to the Son?

When He sees me

In my room ignoring Him,

Does He feel anger, or hate,

Or disappointment?

Why does He not strike me down,

With the lightning outside

My window?

Why does He look on in sadness?

Could it be He knows

That I will do great things

To glorify Him and

Spread His word?

I know He thinks me not

A lost cause,

For He will not abandon me on the dark road

He would shield me from the rain and lightning,

And that which would hurt me.

He loves me, and has a plan

A plan that I can’t imagine,

A plan that will glorify Him

And produce joy all around

I am not even a speck on His throne,

Yet He loves me,

So what?

How can I, a mere human,

Pass on His love

To those unaware?

How can I pass on the love?

The joy? The peace?

He made me in His image,

A perfect soul mate match.

How can I ever be good enough?

Does He get it that I can’t do it all

And let me stop when I reach minimum


No, I will continue on,

And persevere to the end, or forever in heaven,

For the rolling thunder and the pounding rain,

Or the sweep of the wind and the wave of the grass,

Are all signs that He is present in this world

And with me every step I take.

He won’t let me fall,

Off of the path,

Or into despair,

For He loves me, and no matter

How many times I fall or fail,

One letter off but neither well being,

He can lift me up and pull me back onto the path

For He has sure footing, He knows the path by heart,

And He is my savior, my lover, my God.

He is mine, and I am His.



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