Where’s the refresh button?

In my room, I have a small oak tree that I am growing in a pot by my bed. I noticed a few days ago that the leaves were dusty and no matter how much I watered it, the soil was always dry. I love that little plant, it’s a small bit of life from God that I’m taking care of, so I was worried that it might die if it didn’t get it’s needs. So today I set it out in the rain for about an hour. I kept checking on it like a mother hen. Seems silly thinking back on it now, but I was worried because it’s so fragile.

One hour later and the rain was still pouring, but I retrieved my little oak from outside so it wouldn’t drown. What a change had occurred! The leaves that had been dusty and an olive green were now the lushest forest green I have ever seen! The previously tan, cracked soil was now moist and nutritious. And my little tree stood up ever so straight! That little bit of rain brought a whole new life to my little oak tree and made it brand new.

God is like that rain. 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you.” Just like my plant, if we immerse ourselves in God’s word, we can have new life born into us, or just have a refill if that is what we need. God knows the exact amount of joy and hope to keep us going, but not make us giddy and careless. With God’s help we can stand up a little straighter and display the best of what God created in us. So go out and stand in the rain and let all of your cares be washed away so you can gain a refill of God’s word and hope or even new life in Him.


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