My Other Half

Today in church, we examined the beginning and end of the Bible. There we saw that the Bible began and ended with a marriage. Adam and Eve’s marriage where the two complimentary sides joined together to create a relationship of one flesh. I’m a girl and the other girls in my youth group and I have stereotypical differences from the guys in our youth group. My pastor went on to describe the importance of these weddings. A wedding to begin and a wedding to end. All the rest in between is just a big love letter. Click! I got it! It made sense to me. They weren’t individual letters of guidance that others received from God and wrote down. It’s a personal letter written by God to me. It’s like he just used different pens to write it. It made me think of the Bible in a different way.

So, going back to what I was explaining about the two sides, I wondered how that worked in my youth group. Most of the time, the guys and girls are together, but Sunday nights are when we separate. For those times together, we’re more like together, but separate. Kind of reminds me of separate but equal. We’re in the same room, but not exactly always working together. When we pick groups, is it evenly mixed? Nope. A guy group and a girl group. I do understand though. It’s a comfort zone. I prefer it that way most of the time.

But let me tell you about another scenario. In my Emerging Leaders group, there are usually three girls, two guys, and a male “teacher”. He’s more there to keep us on a purposeful conversation track and help progress our ideas. So the gender ration is pretty much even. That is one of the brightest parts of my week. The ideas that we come up with and build on are amazing and we learn off of each other a lot too. If it were an all girl group or an all boy group, it wouldn’t have many of the perspectives that the other gender brings. We were made to be together and compliment each other. Together under God we can do great things.

So as we celebrate this Mother’s Day (I wish a happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there), I hope that you think of how God sent you a personal love letter that he wants you to read and that those guys or girls that seem impossible to understand, they are your complimentary half, and with them you can be complete. And not just with marriage, but by learning off of each other and spending time with each other. May God bless you with someone to learn off of and hopefully in the future, someone to become one with.


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