A foreign country 9 miles away

My sister, my dad and I went to see the French/German Embassy open house today. I say French/German because the German Embassy building is being worked on and the French Embassy was kind enough to host them. Anyways, I had an awesome time!! We went inside those large gates and up the hill to the lightly crowded building where lots and lots of German and French booths were set up. We wandered around talking to different people and looking at brochures. At one table, I snagged a German chocolate and at another, a piece of French bread (no, not a baguette). They were both very good! Then, as we chatted with one lady, she switched to French, and I studying French in school, had a small conversation with her. It was the coolest thing ever!!! I understood almost every word she spoke and it was just so neat. Afterward, we saw a water rocket launched, tasted some French pastries, won a tee-shirt and as we were about to leave, saw a small, colorful parrot!!! It was so cute!!! When I got a turn to hold it, it climbed up onto my shoulder!! He wiped his nose/beak on my shirt and then loudly squawked in my ear. That surprised me!! He was adorable!!! I got a few pictures and then passed him on to my sister, where he then tried to eat her purse. After that, my dad took him and put him on his shoulder. When he tried to take him off, he nibbled at his finger! He didn’t want to leave!!! Finally, we separated the two and left. It was a very fun day and a very cool place.


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