Out of the Purple

When someone says something that is random or weird, the common response is, “That’s out of the blue.” But that’s become too cliche now. So now I say out of the purple. Random fact.

I personally love to look through random facts about the world. Things like slugs have 4 noses, squids have the biggest eyes, and humans have 10,000 hairs on their head interest me. I find things like that interesting. Why? I think the reason I love looking into those things is because they’re hard to believe things that God put the tiniest detail into. Why did God give slugs four noses? Why do cows have four stomachs? God continues to amaze me with the detail and extreme thought that He put into creating Earth. Look at cells. How in the world could those tiny things of life have been created by sheer happenstance? Oh, sure, they just happened to combine this way and boom! life! No, God really cared about how well we worked; God does not make junk. I think He also enjoys seeing us explore His work. Doesn’t everyone like to show off? The thought that God put into making the world shows how much He cares for us. He made sure that we worked in the most efficient way for His will and that we cold explore and never stop discovering. Some things might be out of the purple, but God made them that way on purpose.


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