When Life Gives You Mangoes …

I love to connect random things from my life to lessons I can learn from. It’s how I feel God talks to me. Yesterday, my family and I went to the grocery store and I convinced my dad to buy two mangoes. We had no idea how ripe they should be, or even what to do with them. Today, I took one out and looked at for a few minutes with a knife in my hand before referring to Google to see how to cut it. I cut it open and popped a slice into my mouth. Blech!! It was horrible!!! I made a face, but tried another slice. Still tasted bad. I gave my little sister the rest of the mango and she seemed to like it. Later, she told me that the flesh closest to the pit or seed (I don’t know which one) was juicy and utterly delicious. I started thinking of how sometimes we get into situations in our life where we think it will be fun or pleasant, but it turns out to be bitter and depressing. God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11,  “For I know the plans I have for you,’ declareth the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.” This tells us that life might not look so good, but God has something special ahead and as long as we put our trust in Him and trek forward, we can reach that juicy part of the mango.

Also, that mango can represent us as humans. God plucks us, as unripe and sinful as we are, and patiently prepares us for the plans He has for us. He waits until we are fully developed for the job He has for us and then he takes His creation and creates a beautiful meal out of us. Knowing that God has a plan for us and a bright future too should help us be optimistic in our dark times and look to Him to guide us and prepare us for the fulfilling of His plan for us. Even if we are the unripest mango of them all, He can work in our lives and we can become the juiciest mango of the batch. So, acting in God’s image, I’m going to let that second mango sit and ripen until it’s taste can flood my senses and be a blessing all the way through.


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