One of my friends from my youth group told us about her blog where she was publishing lots of her feelings about life and her walk with Christ. I was inspired to start one myself. I already have a journal where I record some of my secret, secret stuff, but some things I need to let go and get out of me. Hopefully, this blog is what I’m looking for.

So, some stuff about me. I’m fifteen years old and have been a Christian since birth. My life was great until my family had to move, about two years ago. My world spun off balance and I started to drown in all of the mixed emotions and acts that I did to hide all of the turmoil within me. When we moved, I went through all sorts of stuff. One day though, God reached back into my life and broke my heart for Him. My hand-me-down faith became my own. I started to take baby steps to build up my relationship with God. He gave me all sorts of blessings and opportunities and even miracles to show me that He does have a plan for me and He loves me very much. Right now, I’m still growing in Him, but I’m also starting to use the gifts that He has given me. As a branch off of His vine, I’m beginning to produce fruit of His creation.

All throughout my turmoil and growth, I’ve had questions about my walk with God and plain old life. I’m hoping I can publish some answers I’ve found and maybe some questions I still have. God wants me to reach the world, and this may be one way that I do it.


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